"A unique story and a cri-de-Coeur in this realm of dehumanization"

Atelier Guéliz is small creative atelier based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Kashmere Hakim El Amrani is operating in various fields such as interior design and contemporary art. 

In some of the works he likes to zoom in and focus on the subject, other work lends itself to a structured chaos where the image is part of the larger whole. It is a quest in finding the right composition. Where in the end, color is essential. As a graduate from the art academy in interior architecture & spatial design he gets inspired by basic architectural form, culture and nature. By isolating or merging these elements, the forms, characters, lines and shapes evolve into what they eventually want to be.

Having a mixed identity by being born in Amsterdam with his roots in Marrakech. Atelier Guéliz reflects, "embracing differences".

"The work is a unique story and a cri-de-Coeur in this realm of dehumanization."



For more art information: info@ateliergueliz.com